Malheur Sheriff warns of flooding from ice-jammed Snake River

Ice jams the Snake River after a series of harsh winter storms swept across Malheur County and the Treasure Valley. (Photo submitted by Michelle Nitta)

The Enterprise

VALE – The Malheur County Sheriff Brian Wolfe is warning residents to be alert to flooding as a Snake River ice jam pushes water back onto low-lying lands.

“If you live along the Snake River between Ontario and Weiser Annex, you should be prepared to take action if the water continues to rise at your residence. Sand bagging your house is an option but may not prevent water from getting in or under your residence,” he said in a press release Wednesday morning.

The Sheriff’s Office said sand bags are available, and sand in small amounts, but also noted that protecting a residence should be the primary concern, over outbuildings and shops.

“You should also consider evacuating if flood waters are seriously threatening your residence,” his release said. “Do not drive through flood waters.”