Super sweet year for Malheur County beet growers

Doug Maag of Y-1 Farms accumulated a mountain of sugar beets from a strong harvest.

By Pat Caldwell

The Enterprise

VALE – The gray mountain that stretches several hundred yards across Doug Maag’s land is distinctive for its size but it also symbolizes an agriculture triumph.

“All the stars lined up this year,” Maag said as he viewed the massif of sugar beets produced from his fields.

This year local sugar beet producers – and Amalgamated Sugar Company, the firm that buys the local beet crop – experienced one of the most successful harvests in recent memory. The 2016 local sugar beet campaign mimicked 2015 in terms of success, said Jessica McAnally, communications specialist for Amalgamated in Nampa.

“We are looking at another record-breaking harvest,” McAnally said.

What that means is simple in . . .