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Letters from readers: The Enterprise, Oct. 4, 2023

Help, but prudently

To the Editor:

Concerning Pioneer Place asking the County Court for more money. I think it’s very prudent of them to question the institution, giving that before Covid they had $3 MILLION and they didn’t think they were hemorrhaging when the first $500,000 was gone. Then waited until the $3 million had to decline to $168,000 before going public and saying we need help. 

The “you don’t know until you are told” the board threw out there during the public meeting is hogwash. Every board meeting they should have gotten a budget printout. I have a friend on the Malheur County Fair Board and can ask on any given day for a figure out of their budget and she can give it to me.

That being said, I think the County Court should consider helping but should hand out said monies themselves to contractors and that every repair should go out for bid. After the train wreck of the reload center the public, well, we aren’t very trusting. 

With the smoke detectors, I wonder if the public and area businesses would be willing to “sponsor a smoke detector” – depending on price. What about adding solar panels? Several Boise solar outfits offer payments at the cost of you electric bill.

I have had dealings with repairs, and insurance companies pay for the damage done – not what caused the damage. So replacing the roof that caused interior damage, yea, that’s on the institution.

Asking Ontario for an extension on the health district, good luck with that! They didn’t save Presbyterian Nursing Home now did they? Everyone is struggling with basic day to day needs right now. Our budgets are tight between the costs of housing, groceries, medical, and fuel. Even a small change in budget and cause a failure in one’s budget, case in point.

The staff at Pioneer Place is great, although staff turnover is also great. The facility is clean and odorless and the patients are well taken care of. We should be proud of that. They need a helping hand but prudent helping hand, controlled helping hand.

– Tina Bradfield



Youth crew’s an asset

To the Editor:

My name is Eddie Melendrez, community organizer with the Oregon Food Bank, and I was part of a team that organized a Mexican Independence Day event at the Nyssa Rodeo Grounds on Sept. 16. This event was a great success with over 300 folks in attendance to celebrate the kick off of Hispanic Heritage Month. 

This event was only possible with the support of the Oregon Youth Conservation Corps from the Ontario Employment Office. These youth came in and cleared out weeds to make this event possible. They have also been great partners with the City of Ontario, providing assistance with weed control and maintenance of city property. 

This OYCC Youth Crew is a great asset to our community!

Eddie Melendrez 


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