A look back at the big stories of 2023 – and where things stand as the year ends

The Enterprise covered the year’s biggest news events, from the closure of a food kitchen for the homeless in Ontario, to the death of a Nyssa police officer in a shooting to the departure of the project manager at the Treasure Valley Reload Center. What news in Malheur County in 2023 stood out to you?

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Attorneys press court to dismiss school superintendent’s lawsuit

Lawyers for the Ontario School District are seeking to have court claims it discriminated against Nikki Albisu, the district’s superintendent, tossed out, saying the charges are ” factually unsupported.” The case apparently will go on hold because Albisu and the district recently agreed to try to mediate their dispute.
In that arrangement, the judge will act as a mediator in a settlement conference and help the opposing sides sift through the facts, analyze the legal issues, and impartially evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the case in hopes of getting both sides to a compromise.

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