Important information from the Malheur Enterprise

Good morning.

At the Malheur Enterprise, we have worked hard to hold the line against inflation. We can’t any longer and stay viable.

I share this to alert you to a change in your subscription pricing for the digital (online) service of the Malheur Enterprise.

We have held the line on our pricing for more than 5 years. In that time, all of our costs have gone up – employee pay, office electricity, and more.

Effective July 1, the monthly service of the Enterprise will be $6.50. This is still about 15% below what new subscribers pay but is enough to help us keep going.

Across the country, communities are losing their news sources. We’re not interested in the walk to the journalism graveyard – there is too much important work to be done here in Malheur County.

From our entire team, thank you for trusting us to deliver the local news. With this change, we will keep doing so.

With appreciation,

Les Zaitz, Editor and Publisher

Email: [email protected]