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Letters: Adrian principal reports to community

From Bill E. Wortman

To the editor and community:

Adrian High School offers a top-notch education. As the principal, it is my duty to highlight how great a school we are. Our test scores are consistently well above county and state average, however, this is not the main measure of success. The following is a list of our core accomplishments:

• We strive to keep our core classes at or below the ratio proven successful, 16 students to one teacher. Our math, ELA and science classes are our top priority to maintain that ratio for student success.

• We strive to provide opportunities for all students, with 20% of our classes offered for dual-credit (both college and high school). This could not have been accomplished without our great partnership with TVCC, especially Stephanie Oester, Dr. Merrill and Rennie Neider.

• Our teachers can offer WR:121, 122; Math 111, 112, 113, 243; Bio: 101, 102, 103; CS 161; HPE: 295, and Anth:101, and many online dual-credit courses. This is all paid for by our district.

• We have an Articulated Ag pathway that when completed, students transfer 31 credits to TVCC or other colleges. These are also co-curricular classes with our strong FFA program.

• We have multiple 3g welders in our high school. Upon graduation, these students can be gainfully employed in the $20-$50 an hour range.

• We have graduated two Certified Nursing Assistants who both have enrolled in the TVCC RN program and are currently gainfully employed.

• Over the past four years, we have graduated 17 students on full-ride academic scholarships to four-year universities, and a DI athlete to the U.S. Air Force Academy.

• Over the past four years, we have graduated 17 students on full-ride academic scholarships to four-year universities, and a D1 athlete to the Air Force Academy.

• Clubs we offer include honor choir, National Honor Society, drama and International Club. We have a foreign exchange program that brings cultural diversity to our school.

• We have 10 state championships in athletics in the past 10 years, and 14 overall. We have great coaches, athletes and a community that supports competition.

• We have a full-time graduation specialist/counselor.

• We offer an honors diploma and a weighted GPA.

• Most importantly, we have a truly experiences staff that are dedicated to teaching and students that are dedicated to learning.

We do many more things here at Adrian High School that we take pride in. We love our school, our community, and students.

Bill E. Wortman is the principal of Adrian Middle and High School.

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