Officials, police defuse lockdown incident at Nyssa High School

NYSSA – An irate parent sparked a lockdown at Nyssa High School Thursday, Sept. 22, and police are still investigating the incident.

No arrests have been made, said Don Ballou, Nyssa police chief.

He said the lockdown was triggered after regular school hours at about 4 p.m. The lockdown lasted about 15 minutes.

Ballou said the incident began when the parent called the school and was “pretty abusive” over the phone with school employees.

“Afterwards he showed up at the school, after hours, and pounded on the doors demanding to be let in. They (the school) called us. When we showed up the parent had already left,” said Ballou.

The parent was upset with how school officials handled bullying experienced by his son, he said.

Ballou said police are familiar with the parent and that school officials expected to meet with the man Friday morning.

Ballou said the parent could possibly face disorderly conduct charges.

“Obviously we want to know what that person’s side of the story is. But he’s not hiding and I don’t’ think this will be a huge issue. But we are looking into the matter,” said Ballou.

Ballou said the parent was not armed.

Police were at the high school this morning as an extra precaution, said Ballou.

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