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After a decade of work, Wyden seizes opening to advance climate change funding

The moment for U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden came after a decade of politics and patience, seasoned with science.

The U.S. Senate on a Sunday afternoon in early August passed what has been described as the country’s largest investment in efficient energy.

Wyden had nursed along his Clean Energy for America Act for years and now it was law, part of the massive Inflation Reduction Act.

As he stepped off the Senate floor on Aug. 7, one of the first to congratulate him about the accomplishment was President Joe Biden, who reached Wyden on his cell phone.

“He was just so gracious, so appreciative,” Wyden said in a recent interview. “He knows that the real key in the Senate is persistence, being straight with people and having the facts.”

The energy legislation relies primarily on tax credits . . .