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LETTER: Rail project, not bungled, will be asset for Malheur County economy

To the Editor:

As a commissioner for Malheur County, I consider it my duty to communicate with the public. This letter is primarily in response to an editorial published July 13 in the Malheur Enterprise that lays some serious accusations against the county and me, personally. I do not try to make it a hobby of responding to editorials, but the publisher, Mr. Zaitz, brings up several points that I believe should be addressed.

First, to the citizens of Malheur County: I don’t consider TVRC a bungled project. I recognize the cost overruns, and that the project is behind schedule; I also want to be clear that I have never downplayed these things. It is possible, and necessary, to acknowledge problems with a project of this scale while also retaining the ability to deliver a worthwhile product to . . .