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Rescue Act funds new renovations at Malheur County Jail

VALE – The Malheur County Jail has come far from the original two-cell jailhouse built in 1887. The Malheur County Sheriff’s Office is using $229,096 in federal funding to modernize the current jail. 

The funding is part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 and will be used for long overdue renovations and updates, according to Sheriff Brian Wolfe and Jail Commander Lt. Rachel Reyna. 

Since its construction in 1996, the Malheur County Jail has never undergone major renovations until now. By coordinating with the county facilities maintenance adviser, Reyna and Wolfe prioritized renovations that would minimize future maintenance, modernize outdated features and provides more safety for inmates. 

These updates include remodeling the booking area, which needs new counters, seating, and space for inmate processing. Currently, there is paint peeling off the countertops and drawers, while the . . .