In the community

Malheur County endures record-breaking heat but moderation is coming

ONTARIO – Every few moments the door opened and a heavy wave of hot air rolled into the New Hope Day Shelter on Second Street in Ontario.

It was Thursday, July 28, and David Winters sat at one of the big community-style tables, smiling as he filled out a housing application. 

Matters were looking up for Winters, who had been living on the street for the past week. He had a job lined up and high hopes for a roof over his head. 

The prospect of housing was a godsend for Winters, and it also would mean he could get out of the blistering heat that covered the Treasure Valley.Living on the street isn’t easy and with a seven-day forecast of temperatures in the 100s and the challenges multiply for people such as Winters.

“It’s . . .