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Ketterling ready for new role as Adrian School District superintendent

ADRIAN – Nick Ketterling’s life-changing insight arrived out of the blue at a unique venue.The son and grandson of educators, Ketterling said he wasn’t interested in becoming a teacher as a young man.“I had other aspirations,” he said.Ketterling, who recently became the Adrian School District superintendent, said his interest rested in science.Then he hit a turning point.“I got a coaching job, coaching JV football at Eagle High School. During that initial year working with kids, I realized that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to work with kids and see them progress and learn,” said Ketterling.

Ketterling said he didn’t spend a lot of time reflecting on his new career insight.“At that point I changed my major and haven’t looked back since,” said Ketterling.Ketterling, who grew up in Rupert, Idaho, arrives at a district . . .