Local government

Smith agrees to stay on as project manager of rail reload project for $9,000 a month

NYSSA – Greg Smith, who quit recently as Malheur County’s economic development director, on Tuesday agreed to work on the Treasure Valley Reload Center for another year – at a 50% increase in compensation.

He announced his decision during a public meeting of the Malheur County Development Corp., the public company in charge of the Nyssa rail shipping project.

Smith, whose economic development contract was extended by the county for the month of July after he resigned from the position in June, agreed to remain the point man on the beleaguered project.

“The $9,000 is a reasonable amount,” said Smith.

Smith is also a member of the development corporation board. Smith, who attended the meeting in person, abstained from voting on motions that concerned his tenure as project manager. The Malheur County Court still has to ratify the agreement and consideration . . .