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Buyer of nuisance lot in Ontario pledges to finish cleanup

ONTARIO – An Alameda Drive homesite that has been the location for fires, fights and more in recent years is going to a new owner who has pledged to clean the property within 60 days.

David Brown, an Ontario attorney, described the sale in requesting the Malheur County Court to drop a lien on the property for an old county tax invoice for an earlier cleanup of the property.

The home at 1337 Alameda Drive, across the street from Alameda Elementary School, has been a source of community complaints and police actions for years.

A surviving son of the owners who stayed on at the property after they died has been in and out of treatment. His brother, Cody Easom of Boise, arranged the sale. The transaction was scheduled to be completed Friday, July 15.

Brown said money from the sale would . . .