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PHOTO GALLERY: Tone of life in an RV Park

Like any community, River Point RV Park in Ontario is a patchwork of family, identity, and background – though its cast is likely more diverse than what you’d find in a typical neighborhood. Travelers come and go, families take a respite from an increasingly unaffordable housing market, and others are here to stay, at least for now. All, however, express gratitude for the unexpected community they’ve found amongst their neighbors.

A young girl runs into her uncle, both long-term residents in the park, as he walks home from doing laundry at the River Point RV Park clubhouse in Ontario on June 15, 2022. The clubhouse includes a laundry room and full showers for residents’ use. (The Enterprise/CYNTHIA LIU)
Plants rest in a patch of sunlight at the River Point RV Park in Ontario on June 30, 2022. The lot, which opened in December 2021, currently has 166 spots out of 179 taken, with a six to eight month waiting list for long-term spots. The city already plans to add two more RV parks, with construction slated to start late fall. (The Enterprise/CYNTHIA LIU)
Tiana Gutierrez-Costante, a current long-term resident at the River Point RV Park in Ontario, plays a game with her daughter Lilo while waiting for dinner on June 30, 2022. Like millions of other Americans, beauty technician Gutierrez-Costante struggled to keep her job and housing during the pandemic. (The Enterprise/CYNTHIA LIU)
John McGill loads camping gear into the back of his truck to prepare for a weekend trip at the River Point RV Park in Ontario on June 30, 2022. The McGills moved to River Point after a water leak at their previous RV park. “It takes a bit of getting used to people coming and going all the time,” said the McGills, who joked that the good part of a constantly changing cast is that bad neighbors will also rotate out, though they haven’t had many. The park serves both temporary and long term residents, but the vast majority – 85% – are full-timers. (The Enterprise/CYNTHIA LIU)
Plants hang on the back of an RV at the River Point RV Park in Ontario on June 30, 2022. RVs, unlike manufactured homes or trailers, are fully mobile and must be connected to hookups provided by the park in order to connect to utilites like electric and sewage. (The Enterprise/CYNTHIA LIU)
Middle school student Sky watches her siblings play in an empty lot at the River Point RV Park in Ontario on June 15, 2022. She lives with her three younger siblings and parents after moving from Caldwell, ID. “It was very hard to find a place to stay,” she said. Her family plans to move back to a house in the future, but for now she appreciates the calm nature and safety of the park. (The Enterprise/CYNTHIA LIU)
Ameneties at the clubhouse at River Point RV Park in Ontario include a laundry room, showers, and a kitchen area, as well as pool tables and other entertainment. The park often hosts activities and events, such as a paper lantern craft session for 4th of July, for families to gather and mingle. (The Enterprise/CYNTHIA LIU)
Jesus and Georgina Molina watch over their dog in their lot on a warm afternoon in the River Point RV Park in Ontario on June 30, 2022. Each blacktop spot, typically large enough to accommodate an RV and a vehicle, is separated by a small strip of artificial turf – families enjoy setting up chairs or grills in their space. (The Enterprise/CYNTHIA LIU)
Marlaina Frederick, an in-home caretaker and long term resident at River Point RV Park, enjoys a cookout with her family on June 15, 2022. Cooking space inside can be limited, and residents take advantage of grills in the warm weather. While Frederick didn’t initially envision herself living in an RV park, she says she’s found a wonderful community there. (The Enterprise/CYNTHIA LIU)


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