Looking for yoga gear? The Vale School District is the place to go

VALE – There was no sign of students as Mary Jo Sharp led the way through locker rooms, hallways and tight corners into the interior of the Vale High School last week.Only the sound of dripping water punctuated an otherwise silent building just weeks into the summer break as Sharp reached another doorway. She quickly opened the door and pointed to a stack of black bags against the wall.“Here it is,” she said.She could easily have turned and asked: “Want to buy a singing bowl? How about 43 yoga mats?”Instead Sharp stepped back and surveyed the stack of items and black bags that are sequestered into a small area off of a locker room that embody an array of yoga items the school district is now auctioning and accepting bids for.

The yoga materials include, but are not limited to:• 43 4-inch yoga . . .