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COMMENTARY: Citizens should demand Malheur County officials end secrecy around reload project

Public officials in charge of the bungled Treasure Valley Reload Center are treating Malheur County citizens like a bunch of rubes.

They downplay excessive costs, late work and behind-the-scenes deals.

They take a “nothing to see here” attitude. They are not out of money, they say. Construction is going well, they claim.

They have grown accustomed to their power, to having inside information. They behave as if those of us on the outside are too dumb to understand.

But the people of Malheur County understand too well. They know there is a stink around this project worse than a pile of rotting onions. They want the truth.

Arrogant public officials, though, are making it ever harder to get that truth.

The latest evidence comes this week.

Grant Kitamura is president of the Malheur . . .