Anglers get the green light as drought imperils fish

VALE – The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has lifted fishing limits in Malheur Reservoir and along the Malheur River from Namorf Dam upstream through Warm Springs Reservoir to the Highway 20 bridge.

Many Malheur County reservoirs have been hit hard by the three-year drought in southeastern Oregon. Fish and Wildlife has stocked trout in many smaller reservoirs and lifted fishing limits so anglers can take advantage of the opportunities before fish are threatened by the low water levels or temperatures too high for survival.

There are no limits on size, number, or gear used in such locations, the state agency declared on Wednesday, June 22.

“Unfortunately, these fish are just going to have nowhere to go when the water’s gone,” said Kirk Handley, assistant district fish biologist. “We want to try to give anglers a chance to harvest some of . . .