LETTERS: Ontario readers sound off about clinic plans

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Ontario supports women

To the Editor:

Recently, news broke that Planned Parenthood is planning a franchise location in Ontario. Why do we need Planned Parenthood and the controversy that comes with it when we already have a health care network supporting women during and after pregnancy? Valley Family Health Care offers comprehensive support for women’s health, including OB/GYN services and family planning assistance. St. Alphonsus also offers comprehensive women’s health services and is equipped to take care of complications that may arise. Planned Parenthood would not add anything to the support system we already have for pregnant women. 

In Oregon, abortion is legal until the moment of birth and the abortion lobby is trying to reach every corner of our state. We didn’t support the $15 million dollar abortion fund politicians passed in Salem. That money could have been used to support women with life affirming care offered by the institutions already present in our city. Instead, it’s being used to push the abortion agenda and line the pockets of Planned Parenthood. These pro-abortion leaders are more committed to abortion than they are to the women they claim to support.

In Ontario, we support women. We use the resources we have to provide comprehensive health care for women. We support the organizations that are already here and provide services that help women in the unique challenges they face. We don’t need or want Planned Parenthood. We have supported women without them and we will continue to do so.

 – June Mitchell, Ontario

Opposed to state funding

To the Editor:

Politicians in Salem passed a budget at the end of this legislative session designating $15 million for abortion. We are seeing its effects as Planned Parenthood prepares to plant its abortion focused franchise in our community.  

Oregon has one of the most radical abortion regimes in the country creating a paradise for Planned Parenthood. They plan to take advantage of those $15 million and lure people from Idaho to Ontario and get their cut of that massive abortion fund. They’ll use their persuasive tactics to terminate innocent human lives for monetary gain.  

Planned Parenthood doesn’t want to come to Ontario to support us. They know that by coming to Ontario, they can make a quick buck off the distress women face with unsupported pregnancies. They will advertise their additional services and claim to offer an “easy way out,” but their own numbers show abortion is their focus. According to their most recent annual report, they perform 0% of annual mammograms, 0.4% of annual pap smears, yet 40% of annual abortions. And tax dollars received? $618.1 million and increasing every year. Planned Parenthood capitalizes on vulnerable women in stressful situations and coerces them to make decisions that many ultimately regret. Ontario can do without Planned Parenthood’s predatory practices.

– Connie Bullard, Ontario

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