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Despite officials’ claims, lottery bonds aren’t sole money source for Nyssa reload project

NYSSA – Treasure Valley Reload Center officials over the past month have claimed – incorrectly – that no taxpayer money will be used to pay for the multimillion-dollar project.

They have insisted the project will be funded solely through the state’s sale of Oregon Lottery bonds, which are repaid by those who gamble in the state.

Their statements distancing the project from tax dollars come amid mounting criticism of the management of the Nyssa project. The rail center is behind schedule, short of money, and its opening once planned for June is now in doubt.

However, an investigation by the Enterprise established that the lottery money is expected to cover only about half the cost of state-funded projects like the Nyssa reload center.

The rest will come from a tax on car sales created in 2017, records establish.

And project leaders also have been seeking an emergency $3 million from . . .