Oregon State Police trooper uses training to rescue injured boy after wreck

ONTARIO – As soon as she got off work that Saturday, Karlie Nutter didn’t feel well.

She couldn’t pinpoint the root of the unease so she initially brushed it off.

She was tired. Her day as a manager of Ruszoni’s Pizza in Weiser was long and she wanted to go home and take a nap. On this April 23, her two children, Rowan, 5, and Parker, 10, were set to go to a rodeo with her ex-husband.

Before she left for work, Nutter carefully laid out clothes for her boys for the rodeo.

Her anxiety, though, magnified when she reached home. The clothes she laid out for her boys were untouched. There was no sign her ex-husband or the boys had been in the house. That was strange.

“I felt really off then. I laid down to take a nap,” said Nutter.

Not long after, her . . .