Nyssa project officials hitting up private company for $2.5 million to cover cost overruns

Lynn Findley pushes to avoid seeking new bids on the Treasure Valley Reload Center warehouse during a May 17 meeting of the Malheur County Development Corp. Findley, state senator from Vale, sits on the company board. (The Enterprise/PAT CALDWELL)

NYSSA – Managers of the Treasure Valley Reload Center are counting on two good breaks in the next few days to salvage the Nyssa project from being mothballed.

They need to come up with about $5 million by early June to finish construction and ready the rail shipping center to move out onions later this year.

By early June, project leaders need a multinational company to pump in $2.5 million and they need state legislators to approve an emergency $3 million request.

“With those two, you make it across the finish line,” said Brad Baird . . .