Rail board zeroes in on project engineers with tough questions over costs, bidding process

Corey Maag, a director of Malheur County Development Corp., led a drive by the public board to question project engineers. Maag is owner of Jamieson Produce in Vale. (ANGIE SILLONIS/Special to the Enterprise)

The directors of the development company building the Nyssa rail center are questioning project engineers about costs, bidding practices and more in an unusually aggressive move to learn more about their deeply troubled project.

Questions from the Malheur County Development Corp. board are aimed at Anderson Perry & Associates, the La Grande company that has been managing construction of the Treasure Valley Reload Center.

Board members said at an unprecedented special board meeting on Saturday, May 7, that they wanted to know more about where money was going in the project and why certain decisions were made.

They acted after a . . .