Powerful port in NE Oregon pollutes water for years with little state action

Guadalupe Martinez, of Boardman, says a reverse-osmosis filter installed under the sink doesn’t work properly, and the whole-house filter behind her has been broken for years. Her family drinks bottled water to protect themselves from nitrate-tainted groundwater. (Kathy Aney/Oregon Capital Chronicle)

Guadalupe Martinez points to a 24-pack of bottled water by her kitchen sink with just a few bottles left, one of thousands she’s brought home over the last 18 years.

“Ever since we’ve been living here, we’ve been buying water,” she said. 

The 54-year-old grandmother knows she can’t drink the water that comes out of her tap. It would make her and her family sick.

She is not alone.

Thousands of Oregonians near the town of Boardman . . .