OBITUARY: Douglas Dwayne “Joe” Nyborg

Douglas Dwayne “Joe” Nyborg Sept 9, 1947 - Apr 29, 2022

Joe Nyborg was born in International Falls, Minnesota, to Henry and Florence Nyborg. The youngest of five children, his siblings Karen, Floyd and Shirley all pre-decease him. He is survived by his sister Pearl (Tom) Weir.

Not only was Joe his family’s hero, he is also one of our country’s military heroes. He served two tours in Vietnam (66- 68). He was involved in the Vietnam Tet Offensive and was presented a number of prestigious medals and awards based on his service.

Upon the completion of his military service, he reunited with his second grade sweetheart, Linda Greening. The soulmates were married in 1969 and together they began to “build a kitty” with a legacy of hard work and family values. The Nyborgs moved to Oregon . . .