LETTER: Greg Smith writes to offer context for cost overruns

Greg Smith, Malheur County’s economic development director, is shown speaking in a meeting at the Malheur County Courthouse. (The Enterprise/FILE)

To the Editor:

According to Merriam-Webster, when something is contextualized, we mean that it is placed in an appropriate setting, one in which it may be properly considered. Perhaps, the good folks at the Malheur Enterprise missed that day of sophomore English class when they decided to begin their “investigative reporting” of Malheur County Economic Development and the Treasure Valley Reload Center.

Let me digress.

The Oregon Lottery was created through an initiative petition amending the Oregon Constitution, in the midst of the 1984 recession, to support economic development and job creation.

When folks purchase a lottery ticket, proceeds are in part to be issued throughout the state . . .