Trucks damaging county roads on way to Nyssa reload project

Construction crews work on creating beds for rail tracks at the Treasure Valley Reload Center north of Nyssa on Tuesday, April 12. (LES ZAITZ/The Enterprise)

NYSSA – A rural roadway north of Nyssa is taking a pounding from construction truck traffic, requiring a small taxpayer-supported road district to continually make repairs.

Contractors are hauling tons of rock to the site of the Treasure Valley Reload Center, using Arcadia Boulevard to reach their destination.

“It hasn’t held up to this extra trucking,” said Wes Allison, supervisor of Nyssa Road District No. 2.

Allison said the trucks have been coming off of U.S. Highway 26 onto Gem Avenue. Some continue directly to the job site while others turn south onto Arcadia before turning onto Gamble Road, at the south side of the reload center . . .