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Nyssa project can’t tap state program cited as one source for emergency $9.8 million

The troubled Treasure Valley Reload Center doesn’t qualify for state funding that project officials said could provide up to $9.8 million needed to finish the Nyssa project.

And other options also have obstacles that make it doubtful the money could be in hand soon enough to keep contractors going.

Failure to come up with more public money imperils the project. Project managers already are considering dropping a key rail line, stopping some road construction and even postponing erecting the project’s centerpiece – the rail shipping complex.

Greg Smith, Malheur County economic development director and rail project manager, listed the money options in a meeting Tuesday, April 12, of the board of the Malheur County Development Corp. That’s the public company set up by Malheur County to manage the Nyssa project.

He downplayed the projected overruns.

“This is very natural in industrial development,” he said.

And Malheur County . . .