Owyhee Irrigation District sets allotment for spring irrigation

The Owyhee Irrigation District issued its new allotment for water users recently. (The Enterprise/FILE)

NYSSA – Mother Nature may have come to the rescue for area farmers dependent on irrigation water in the nick of time.

Kind of.

Thanks to a good runoff and improving stream flows area reservoirs are slowly recharging but the long-term irrigation picture still includes an early shutoff for agencies such as the Owyhee Irrigation District.

The Owyhee Irrigation District set a new allotment for irrigation water users recently at 2.1-acre feet. Last year the Owyhee Irrigation District cut its water allocation from 4-acre feet to 3-acre feet. An acre foot of water is enough water to flood an acre 1 foot deep.

While lower than 2021, the new allotment for Owyhee customers is . . .