Oregon program will pay cash for information on poaching of wild animals

A bald eagle shot with a pellet gun in West Linn last year. (Photo by Adrienne Wilson, courtesy of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife)

A new fund will reward tipsters for information on poached or stolen nongame animals, such as raptors, which can’t be hunted.

Until now, callers to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Turn-In-Poachers line, or TIP line, could receive a cash award only if they called with information on a game species, such as deer, elk and bear, hunted outside of state regulations. Those awards are paid for by the Oregon Hunters Association. 

Now callers with information on the illegal killing of imperiled, threatened or endangered nongame animals will also be rewarded. 

Those with information that leads to an arrest or citation for the . . .