Cases of Covid plunging in Malheur County but it’s not “all clear” yet, officials say

Sarah Poe, Malheur County Health Department director (The Enterprise/file)

ONTARIO ­– The latest coronavirus surge which has sickened nearly 2,000 people in Malheur County since the start of the year is now fading, according to the Malheur County Health Department.

But the medical issues will take longer to resolve, according to a report issued Tuesday by Sarah Poe, health department director.

“We expect to see more hospitalizations and deaths as these usually lag several weeks after the surge,” Poe said. “The most important thing any of us can do is to be vaccinated. Second most important thing is to help someone else get vaccinated.”

She also said that the pending elimination of the state mask mandate for indoor settings doesn’t mean everyone should stop wearing masks. State authorities announced this week they intend . . .