Regional training center in works for firefighters, police, medics in Ontario area

Fire Chief Terry Leighton gets ready for a training exercise at the Ontario site. (The Enterprise/LES ZAITZ)

ONTARIO – Terry Leighton’s enthusiasm is apparent as he tours what will become a regional training facility in Ontario for firefighters, police officers and medics.

The Ontario fire chief describes a compound abuzz with trainings and practical exercises.

In classrooms, experts would teach both paid and volunteer firefighters.

In a large multi-bay garage, police could practice active shooter drills.

Outside, fire crews and search-and-rescue teams could practice rescues from a burning building or rappelling down a wall, simulating bringing a victim to safety.

And in the paved lot, firefighters would go through driving drills, tasked with taking their rigs into ever tighter confines.

He describes it all with . . .