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Former tech industry executive gives Treasure Valley Community College big financial boost

Former area resident Gerald Findley donated $1 million to Treasure Valley Community College recently. (The Enterprise/FILE).

ONTARIO – Moments can define a life.

A missed step here, a fateful decision there and the trajectory of a life spirals like a bullet ricocheting off a target.

For Gerald Findley, two distinct events stand as guideposts to what could have been and what was.

One episode was tragic, the other a restoration and a chance for a future.

Last week, Treasure Valley Community College revealed Findley donated $1 million to the school. In recognition of the donation, the college’s new CTE center will be named in honor of Findley’s grandmother, Florence Findley, who was a teacher at the Lincoln Heights Elementary School in Malheur County.

Findley said his $1 million donation . . .