Educator of the Year in Ontario shares passion for science with students

Cindy Feibert, a science instructor at Treasure Valley Community College, has been selected as Educator of the Year for 2022 by the Ontario Area Chamber of Commerce. She is pictured in her class lab. (The Enterprise/LES ZAITZ)

ONTARIO -– Cindy Feibert spent years tracking down killers in the forests of California and Brazil.

She hunted down tree-killing diseases and insects with scientific research tapping her studies in forest pathology.

Feibert now shares her passion for science and research with students at Treasure Valley Community College, where she leads the Science Department and is an instructor.

She works to imbue students with her scientific curiosity.

“I love science,” said Feibert. “What I really want is to really try to get them to love science.”

She succeeds at that, according to Dana . . .