Tested by one round, Oregon National Guard deploys for second tour in hospitals

Blaine Williams of 1st Battalion, 186th Infantry Regiment of the Oregon National Guard, helps health care technician Heather Smith change patient bedding at Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg in August 2021. (Maj. W. Chris Clyne, Oregon National Guard Public Affairs)

The Oregon National Guard is once again on the move to help the state’s hospitals.

The order to do so came Wednesday from Gov. Kate Brown ­– less than a month after Guardsmen had completed the largest in-state mobilization in history.

This time, up to 500 Guardsmen will be tasked to help as omicron surges, putting more people into hospital care.

The last of the 1,588 Guardsmen sent into communities during the first round ended that duty Dec. 10.

They helped with a range of new tasks to free up medical . . .