Slowing effects of climate change among priorities for Oregon’s new watersheds director

The Klamath River watershed extends throughout south central Oregon to northern California and to the Pacific Ocean. It is one of many watersheds in Oregon that Lisa Charpilloz-Hanson will work to protect as new director of the state’s Watershed Enhancement Board.

Lisa Charpilloz-Hanson learns best out in the field, which is how the new director of the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board found herself, first month on the job, standing over a bridge in Tillamook watching salmon and steelhead swim upstream.

In her new role, Charpilloz-Hanson now has a hand in how to spend $170 million each year for projects that improve fish and wildlife habitat across Oregon’s waterways. The money, issued in grants, comes from state lottery profits, the sale of salmon license plates and federal funding.

One of the board’s . . .