Cost for rail for Treasure Valley Reload Center comes in high; one key track line remains optional

Malheur County Judge Dan Joyce opens the Oct. 1 groundbreaking ceremony for the Treasure Valley Reload Center north of Nyssa. Last week officials opened bids on a second segment of the project. (Malheur County Economic Development Department photo)

ONTARIO – The Treasure Valley Reload Center vaulted over another hurdle last week, receiving bids for a second major segment of construction.

Officials on Thursday, Dec. 16, opened two bids for work to put in rail lines for the Nyssa project, and figures came in higher than engineers had estimated.

Work to build roads and fill in wetlands is underway, months behind schedule. Project managers say the rail center will still be up and running in time for next year’s onion harvest.

Plans call for onion producers to truck their onions to Nyssa for loading onto rail . . .