Governor, health experts brace Oregonians for a serious impact from Omicron by February

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown told Oregonians on Friday, Dec. 17, to expect a troubling surge with the Omicron variant of Covid. (Ron Cooper/Oregon Capital Chronicle)

In the past week, the Covid-19 outlook for Oregon shifted dramatically, with the state now facing the prospect of having the highest surge yet of infections and hospitalizations.

A new forecast by Oregon Health & Science University indicates that more than 3,000 people would need to be hospitalized in Oregon by early February, surpassing the 1,200 hospitalized during Delta’s peak. 

If that develops Oregon will not have enough hospital beds for everyone who needs one and hospitals will have to decide who to treat.

“We’re seeing all the pieces we need to say that it could be bad,” Peter Graven, director of OHSU’s Office of Advanced . . .