Forecast predicts Omicron will take a heavy toll in Oregon

A nurse works tends to a Covid patient receiving monoclonal antibody treatment recently at Salem Hospital. State officials warned Friday that the Omicron variant is likely to put more than 3,000 people in the hospital in Oregon by February. (Amanda Loman/Salem Reporter)

Oregon is facing a surge from the Omicron variant of the coronavirus that by early February could put twice as many people in the hospital as the Delta variant, state officials announced Friday.

That forecast, by Oregon Health & Science University, comes as infections and hospitalization from the Delta variant are waning. The forecast shows that Omicron will likely sweep through the population in the next two to three weeks, becoming the dominant strain. 

By February, hospitalizations could surge past 3,000, surpassing those for Delta.

“Once again, many Oregonians will need . . .