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NYSSA NEWS: Volunteers make season bright for all

Thanksgiving Dinner volunteers: LaLo Deleon, Gaylene Dewey, Tami Bellingham, Lyle Burgess, William Nance, Becky Burgess, Mary Shelton, Liz Lane, Paula Weston, Shiloh Shelton. Not pictured: a whole host of individuals who set up, cooked, served, cleaned up plus Kimberly Burgess and daughter Ana who decorated the tables. Photo credit: Susan Barton

The saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child” – which I would amend to, “It takes a community to have a community.” 

This was true the past few weeks as businesses, individuals and organizations coming together to make our community shine.

The Community Thanksgiving Dinner was awesome with volunteers and the Nyssa Senior Citizens Center coming together for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and the opportunity to visit with folks not seen in a while. Thank you to Mary Shelton, the dinner crew and the Nyssa . . .