Malheur County employees get bonus pay for work during pandemic

Malheur County Courthouse. (The Enterprise/file)

VALE – More than 100 county employees, including some elected officials, got extra pay last month, a one-time boost for working onsite during the pandemic.

Lorinda DuBois, county administrator, said that 151 employees shared in a total payout of $316,206.

The Malheur County Court in October approved the spending of “premium pay” that uses some of the federal relief money sent to the county earlier this year.

The federal funds “can be used for premium pay for essential workers who did not work from home or remotely,” according to county court minutes. According to federal authorities, the category of essential workers includes “any work done by employees of a state, local or tribal government.”

According to an email DuBois sent to county officials in November, one-time $2 . . .