Oregonians can bid for lower taxes while funding scholarships through state auction

Treasure Valley Community College. (The Enterprise/File)

An upcoming auction for tax credits could save winners anywhere from $50 to $1.12 million on state taxes, all while funding Oregon’s largest needs-based scholarship program.  

The online auction is in its fourth year, and offers bidders the opportunity to shave their tax bill and direct a portion of what they would pay in taxes to college scholarships.

From Monday, Dec. 6, to Friday, Dec. 10, the state Revenue Department will auction off 28,000 tax credits, worth $500 each. That’s a total of $14 million. And they sell out each year.

The money paid by bidders will go to fund the Oregon Opportunity Grant program, which helps with college expenses for about 40,000 low-income students in the state each . . .