CLASS TO CAREER: Automotive world beckons Vale student

(Malheur Enterprise graphic)

Editor’s note: This is part of a continuing series of articles highlighting students exploring vocations through Career and Technical Education classes offered in Malheur County high schools.

Meet: William Tolman

Vale High School, grade 12

Class: Automotive Technology 3/4

William Tolman is earning medals and planning a career in automotive work. (Submitted photo)

Why I’m taking this class: I decided to take this class originally to understand the basics about small engines and other automotive maintenance tasks. However, after doing well in Automotive Technology 1 and continuing with Automotive Technology 2, I took a definite liking to the class and the subject of auto, and ultimately desired to further my understanding and overall knowledge of this subject.

What I like about this class: Hands-on and technical work would have to be the best part of this course. With a great instructor who is well educated in this subject, the entire experience of the class is very enjoyable.

What the community should know: Technical classes not only further education and skills but they make the overall experience of school and the class much more enjoyable. With educated and knowledgeable instructors, the class can become very valuable in your future, and careers later in life.

My future dream: With many different career paths and decisions I have thought I wanted to go into over my years in high school, I have finally settled on attending a technical school and furthering my education in the automotive world.

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