Donor steps up with million-dollar gift to Treasure Valley Community College

The TVCC Foundation announced a million-dollar gift to the college this month.

ONTARIO – A donor is poised to give $1 million to Treasure Valley Community College, putting a family name on a college building and supporting future programs, college officials have announced.

The identity of the donor won’t be made public until the donation is completed, expected after the first of the year, according to Cathy Yasuda, executive director of the Treasure Valley Community College Foundation, which will accept the donation.

Once the contribution is made, the donor family’s name will go on the college’s Career & Technical Education Center, which opened a year ago.

Yasuda said the donor wants to support scholarships for career students, those in STEM, and students with physical disabilities.

“What a powerful legacy to leave behind,” Yasuda said an in an interview.

Dana Young, TVCC president, said in a statement that the gift would be “transformational” for the college and means “creating scholarships for our students that will continue for years to come.”

Yasuda was circumspect about how the donation came to be until the name could be revealed.

The donor reached out about the possible gift, and the foundation board and the TVCC Board recently voted to accept it.

The college has a policy of naming college buildings for a minimum $1 million contribution.

The donor was “very much interested” in supporting career and technical education, Yasuda said.

She said the donor had “some connections to TVCC” previously.

Up to now, the largest single donation to the college had been $500,000, Yasuda said.

Word of the gift was the latest round of good news for the college.

Treasure Valley Paramedics, the Ontario-based medic service, donated $25,000 to the TVCC foundation to endow scholarships for students training to become paramedics. The medic service, owned by Heather Land and Steve Patterson, made the donation through the company’s own foundation.

And the TVCC foundation raised about $300,000 through its 10th annual fundraising dinner, held in Ontario on Nov. 5. Yasuda said 400 people attended – about double what she anticipated.

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