Lawsuits produces some Ontario school records; board holding firm on probes of its members

The Ontario School Board is still holding back key documents regarding an investigation into complaints by school district officials. (The Enterprise/FILE).

ONTARIO – The Ontario School Board for the first time made public the recent complaints filed against school board members that resulted in censures and an expected public apology, releasing the documents because of a lawsuit by the Enterprise.

The board also released letters written earlier this year by then-Board Chair Renae Corn summarizing the findings of two investigations of its own members.

The board for months had insisted the public could not see the complaints filed by Nikki Albisu, Ontario School District superintendent; Jodi Elizondo, Ontario High School principal; and Lisa Longoria, Ontario Middle School principal. The board also had refused to disclose letters to Albisu and Longoria.

The board released the . . .