Ontario School Board apologizes to high school principal for “combative” and “disrespectful” conduct

Jodi Elizondo, the Ontario High School principal, endured “combative, aggressive and disrespectful” behavior from members of the Ontario School Board, according to a letter of apology the board is issuing to her.

The letter doesn’t identify the board members or provide any details about the conduct.

The letter results from a formal investigation, but the letter doesn’t detail when the investigation was concluded or who was investigated.

Elizondo said in a tort claim notice earlier this year that she was subjected to harassment and other misconduct by Board members Eric Evans and Craig Geddes and by former board member Derrick Draper, who resigned earlier this year.

But her letter identified conduct from September 2020 through April of this year.

The school board’s apology said it was for “the board’s unsatisfactory behavior between April 2019 and April 2020.”

The district released the letter to the Enterprise Monday morning.

Board Chair Tom Greco didn’t respond to an email Monday seeking a clarification on the time period and neither did the school district’s information officer.

Elizondo and the school board reached a separate agreement under which she agreed not to pursue claims against the board. The school board in turn agreed to reimburse her up to $2,000 for her legal expenses in pressing her complaints.

Here is the text of the apology, which is scheduled to be read during the board’s meeting on Monday, Nov. 15:

Dear Dr. Elizondo,

On behalf of the Ontario School Board, I wish to express our deepest apology for the Board’s unsatisfactory behavior between April 2019 through April 2020.

During this timeframe, you endured numerous baseless, inaccurate and unfounded claims against your professionalism, leadership abilities and personal character. You endured combative, aggressive and disrespectful behavior that was found, during a formal investigation, to be in clear violation of Board Policy BBF (Board Member Standard of Conduct) and Board Policy KL (Public Complaints) and violated common courtesy and respect for a valued employee.

Our current Board of Directors remains totally committed to following Board Policies BBF and KL and cooperatively working with you and our other administrative leaders to move the district forward and doing what is best for our children’s education.

We look forward to working with you in the years to come. We value our professional relationship and firmly believe that our collective teamwork will produce outstanding results and benefits for our children and their educational goals.


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