Ontario School Board apologizes to high school principal for “combative” and “disrespectful” conduct

Jodi Elizondo, the Ontario High School principal, endured “combative, aggressive and disrespectful” behavior from members of the Ontario School Board, according to a letter of apology the board is issuing to her.

The letter doesn’t identify the board members or provide any details about the conduct.

The letter results from a formal investigation, but the letter doesn’t detail when the investigation was concluded or who was investigated.

Elizondo said in a tort claim notice earlier this year that she was subjected to harassment and other misconduct by Board members Eric Evans and Craig Geddes and by former board member Derrick Draper, who resigned earlier this year.

But her letter identified conduct from September 2020 through April of this year.

The school board’s apology said it was for “the board’s unsatisfactory behavior between April . . .