CHILDREN IN CRISIS: Pandemic sparked exodus of employees in children’s mental health system

An empty patient room at the Children’s Farm Home run by Trillium Family Services in Corvallis on Friday, Oct. 29. The facility currently does not have enough staff to take on more inpatient residents, leaving a building empty. (Amanda Loman/Oregon Capital Chronicle)

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the third of a four-part series on the problems facing children’s mental health care providers in Oregon. Deputy Editor Lynne Terry interviewed more than a dozen providers, parents and state officials and reviewed state records. For anyone needing immediate help, call the Lines for Life for youth at 877-968-8491 or seek help in a nearby emergency room.

Mental health treatment centers for children have one main problem: finding employees.

They’ve suffered from a chronic workforce shortage for years but the pandemic made it . . .