COMMENTARY: I was relieved COVID affected adults more than kids. With delta variant, that relief is gone

A health worker prepared vaccines for use in a clinic held earlier this year in Ontario. (Enterprise/File photo)

In March of 2020, when the world was living in fear of the unknown virus, I remember being relieved that the disease affected adults more than children.

With the delta variant, that relief is gone. We’re seeing an increase in pediatric COVID-19 cases with no end in sight unless more Idahoans get vaccinated. 

More than one in 10 positive cases in Idaho are now children. From January to July of this year, pediatric admissions at St. Luke’s averaged five per month. In August it rose to 12, and to 26 in September.

The children needing hospitalization are disproportionately already struggling with medical issues like cancer, congenital heart disease, seizure disorders, immune deficiencies, and Down . . .