Painters blend talents for colorful Ontario welcome

Ontario's newest and largest mural. (Submitted photo)

ONTARIO – In the midst of the leisurely crowds of potato lovers at last weekend’s Tater Tot Festival was a group with focus.

Forest Wolf Kell, Bose One, Joshe Parke, Dreyfus Art, Bobby Gayton, and Evarett Carvajal are painters from Portland and Boise, and Saturday, Sept. 18, saw them spread out along 100-plus feet of wall, breathing life into what would become Ontario’s newest and largest mural. 

The mural says “Welcome to Ontario” with the city’s name in giant decorated letters. Each letter features a design from a different artist with a different color theme inside its sharply outlined contours.  

“It’s not a new concept,” said Kell, who helped manage the mural’s production. “It’s typically done with landmarks . . .