Ontario grapples with rapid turnover of employees in key positions

Several key employees are abandoning their city positions, including police chief Steve Romero. (The Enterprise/FILE)

ONTARIO – A rapid succession of resignations among top city staff is unusual and could strain resources, said Ontario City Manager Adam Brown.

Erik Hartley, the Ontario Municipal Airport manager, left in August and Police Chief Steve Romero plans to depart in October. Peter Hall, city human resource manager, also recently announced he will leave and IT Tech Ken Monson already quit to work for the Ontario School District.

“It is a lot of people in a short period of time,” said Brown.

Ontario City Councilor John Kirby said the departures are “more happenstance than anything” and that “they are all good people.”

Brown said while a “multitude of factors” prompted the resignations, he pointed to a recent . . .